Culture of Excellence logoEach person’s role at MHCC is important to student and organizational success, whether it is on the front line of interaction or the behind the scenes.
  • Do you wonder what you could personally or collectively do to improve student outcomes, internal communication and streamline processes in our large and complex organization?
  • Are you interested in discovering how a shared sense of purpose and following a few key principles in your everyday work can help you feel more satisfied with your job and support student success?
  • Are you aware that according to the 2014 Climate Survey results "improving employee morale" should be the second most important goal for the college?
The People Strategies Council welcomes your input in helping to further shape what we’re calling the “Culture of Excellence” model. The Culture of Excellence is defined by four standards:
  CI to 4 standards
Join us for a series of hands-on, collaborative workshops starting this fall to learn more about the Culture of Excellence, give your feedback on this developing model, and gain practical strategies and tools that can be adopted individually, in your work team, and throughout the larger organization.
Stay tuned for more information, including overview sessions and options for providing these sessions at your already-existing staff meetings! 
Click here to download the "Culture of Excellence Overview" PowerPoint Presentation.