The Infrastructure Council will develop, monitor and assess plans, recommend policies and set direction for facilities, sustainability, information technology, and health and safety in alignment with the College’s vision, mission and strategic priorities. The Infrastructure Council includes authorization, facilitation, and coordination for action teams, task forces, and other bodies whose work involves the College’s Infrastructure.

Current Meeting Agenda

To be included on the upcoming agenda please contact Infrastructure Council.

Governance and Decision-Making At Mt. Hood Community College

Meeting Packets

  • Bruce Hostetler
  • Cassandra Walters
  • Eliza Lane
  • JD Kiggins
  • Joe Stoehr
  • Kim Hyatt
  • Linda Vigesaa
  • Lisa Hillyard
  • Pam Kuretich
  • Todd Hanna
  • Troy Builta
  • ASG Director of Campus Safety & Sustainability
  • Daryl Harrison-Carson
  • Dexter Johnson
  • Corey Sippel
  • David Pontious
  • Jennifer DeMent