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Technology Council Charter and Member List
Technology Action Team Charter (.pdf, 130K)
TC Meeting Agenda 1-16-2015.pdf (.pdf, 92K)
TC Meeting Agenda 3-6-2015 (.pdf, 93K)
TC Meeting Agenda 3-20-2015 (.pdf, 92K)
TC Meeting Agenda 4-17-2015 (.pdf, 90K)
TC Meeting Agenda 5-15-2015 (.pdf, 115K)
TC Meeting Agenda 10-16-2015 (.pdf, 95K)
TC Meeting Agenda 11-20-2015 (.pdf, 99K)
TC Meeting Agenda 1-15-2016 (.pdf, 117K)
TC Meeting Agenda 2-19-2016.pdf (.pdf, 140K)
TC Meeting Agenda 3-11-2016 (.pdf, 108K)
TC Meeting Agenda 4-15-16 (.pdf, 112K)
TC Meeting Agenda 5-20-2016 (.pdf, 112K)
TC Meeting Agenda 11-4-2016 (.pdf, 116K)
TC Meeting Agenda 1-20-2017 (.pdf, 118K)
Tech Team Agenda 2-17-2017 (.pdf, 352K)
Tech Action Team Agenda March 2017 (.pdf, 117K)
Tech Action Team Agenda - April 2017.pdf (.pdf, 341K)
Tech Action Team Agenda - May 2017 (.pdf, 376K)
Tech Action Team Agenda - June 2017 (.pdf, 242K)
Tech Action Team Agenda - August 2017 (.pdf, 120K)
Tech Action Team Agenda - October 2017 (.pdf, 121K)
Tech Action Team Agenda - November 2017 (.pdf, 121K)
Tech Action Team Agenda - January 2018 (.pdf, 135K)
TC Meeting Minutes 1-16-2015 (.pdf, 102K)
TC Meeting Minutes 3-6-2015 (.pdf, 172K)
TC Meeting Minutes 3-20-2015 (.pdf, 175K)
TC Meeting Minutes 4-17-2015 (.pdf, 167K)
TC Meeting Minutes 5-15-2015 (.pdf, 187K)
TC Meeting Minutes 10-16-2015 (.pdf, 142K)
TC Meeting Minutes 11-20-2015 (.pdf, 144K)
TC Meeting Minutes 01-15-2016.pdf (.pdf, 172K)
TC Meeting Minutes 2-19-2016 (.pdf, 172K)
TC Meeting Minutes - 3-11-2016 (.pdf, 165K)
TC Meeting Minutes 4-15-2016 (.pdf, 156K)
TC Meeting Minutes 5-20-2016.pdf (.pdf, 211K)
TC Meeting Minutes 11-4-2016 (.pdf, 209K)
TC Meeting Minutes 01-20-2017 (.pdf, 218K)
Tech Action Team Minutes 02-17-2017 (.pdf, 208K)
Tech Action Team Minutes 03-17-2017 (.pdf, 162K)
Tech Action Team Minutes 04-21-17 (.pdf, 2932K)
Tech Action Team Minutes - May 2017 (.pdf, 2238K)
Tech Action Team Minutes - June 2017 (.pdf, 174K)
Tech Action Team Minutes - August 2017 (.pdf, 164K)
Tech Action Team Minutes - October 2017 (.pdf, 167K)
Tech Action Team Minutes - November 2017 (.pdf, 451K)
Meeting Materials - Current
07 Fund Expenditure Guidelines DRAFT (.pdf, 89K)
Technology Fund Description Draft (.pdf, 82K)
Email Options - Read Receipts 11-2014 (.pdf, 72K)
Generic Account Info Feb 2014 (.pdf, 91K)
Acceptable Use Cell Phones & Cellular Mobile Devices (.pdf, 177K)
White Paper - Successful Enterprise Social Networking (.pdf, 1428K)
One Drive via Office 365 - Instructions (.pdf, 238K)
Decision Making at MHCC - Draft (.doc, 93K)
General Plan Scope Criteria Video Conf 4-17-15 (.pdf, 48K)
BYOD User Acknowledgement & Agreement Draft (.pdf, 88K)
Official College Web Sites and Domains Regulation - Draft (.pdf, 16K)
BYOD Employee Draft (.pdf, 175K)
BYOD Student Draft (.pdf, 126K)
1516 Upgrades - Workstations (.pdf, 83K)
Standards & Processes Technology Purchase Requests (.pdf, 138K)
MyMHCC Demo 1-15-16.pdf (.pdf, 86K)
College Technology Purchases and Requests 5-20-16 (.pdf, 228K)
Problem Management Process 5-20-16 (.pdf, 149K)
Summer Technology Changes-Updates 2016 5-23-16 (.pdf, 131K)
Summer Refresh Plans 2017 (.pdf, 129K)
College Technology Project List January 2018 (.pdf, 265K)
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Schedule for 2017-18

The Technology Action Team meetings are held on the third Friday of each month in the Bridge from
2:00 to 3:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted.


Members 2017-18

Information Technology

Linda Vigesaa, CIO
Don Adams, Director, Infrastructure and Applications
Joe Stoehr, Client Services Manager, Co-Chair
Connie Rumer, Executive Assistant


Robin Born, Instructor – Business Technology and Office Administration
Pat Casey, Instructor - History
Carol Redwine, Instructor – Cosmetology
Dr. Mike Russell, Instructor – Chemistry, Co-Chair
David Wright, Instructor – Literature and Composition

Office of Instruction

Rod Barker, Dean of Business & Innovative Products
Cat Schleichert, Online Learning Manager

Student Success

Matthew Anderson, Library Technology Specialist
Bhaktirose Dawdy, Career and Academic Advising
Christi Hart, Manager - Financial Aid, Scholarships, Veteran Services
Lance Lannigan, Classified Member, Technology Learning Specialist
Jenny Ruelas, Bookkeeper/Office Assistant, Student Life
Jessica Ruiz, Academic Advisor & Student Outreach Coordinator

Student Representative

ASG Senator of Information Technology - Victor Ogelle