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Technology Council Charter and Member List
Technology Action Team Charter (.pdf, 130K)
TC Meeting Agenda 1-16-2015.pdf (.pdf, 92K)
TC Meeting Agenda 3-6-2015 (.pdf, 93K)
TC Meeting Agenda 3-20-2015 (.pdf, 92K)
TC Meeting Agenda 4-17-2015 (.pdf, 90K)
TC Meeting Agenda 5-15-2015 (.pdf, 115K)
TC Meeting Agenda 10-16-2015 (.pdf, 95K)
TC Meeting Agenda 11-20-2015 (.pdf, 99K)
TC Meeting Agenda 1-15-2016 (.pdf, 117K)
TC Meeting Agenda 2-19-2016.pdf (.pdf, 140K)
TC Meeting Agenda 3-11-2016 (.pdf, 108K)
TC Meeting Agenda 4-15-16 (.pdf, 112K)
TC Meeting Agenda 5-20-2016 (.pdf, 112K)
TC Meeting Agenda 11-4-2016 (.pdf, 116K)
TC Meeting Agenda 1-20-2017 (.pdf, 118K)
Tech Team Agenda 2-17-2017 (.pdf, 352K)
Tech Action Team Agenda March 2017 (.pdf, 117K)
Tech Action Team Agenda - April 2017.pdf (.pdf, 341K)
Tech Action Team Agenda May 2017 (.pdf, 376K)
Tech Action Team Agenda June 2017 (.pdf, 242K)
Tech Action Team Agenda August 2017 (.pdf, 120K)
Tech Action Team Agenda October 2017 (.pdf, 121K)
Tech Action Team Agenda November 2017 (.pdf, 121K)
TC Meeting Minutes 1-16-2015 (.pdf, 102K)
TC Meeting Minutes 3-6-2015 (.pdf, 172K)
TC Meeting Minutes 3-20-2015 (.pdf, 175K)
TC Meeting Minutes 4-17-2015 (.pdf, 167K)
TC Meeting Minutes 5-15-2015 (.pdf, 187K)
TC Meeting Minutes 10-16-2015 (.pdf, 142K)
TC Meeting Minutes 11-20-2015 (.pdf, 144K)
TC Meeting Minutes 01-15-2016.pdf (.pdf, 172K)
TC Meeting Minutes 2-19-2016 (.pdf, 172K)
TC Meeting Minutes - 3-11-2016 (.pdf, 165K)
TC Meeting Minutes 4-15-2016 (.pdf, 156K)
TC Meeting Minutes 5-20-2016.pdf (.pdf, 211K)
TC Meeting Minutes 11-4-2016 (.pdf, 209K)
TC Meeting Minutes 01-20-2017 (.pdf, 218K)
Tech Action Team Minutes 02-17-2017 (.pdf, 208K)
Tech Action Team Minutes 03-17-2017 (.pdf, 162K)
Tech Action Team Minutes 04-21-17 (.pdf, 2932K)
Tech Action Team Minutes - May 2017 (.pdf, 2238K)
Tech Action Team Minutes - June 2017 (.pdf, 174K)
Tech Action Team Minutes August 2017 (.pdf, 164K)
Tech Action Team Minutes October 2017 (.pdf, 167K)
Meeting Materials - Current
07 Fund Expenditure Guidelines DRAFT (.pdf, 89K)
Technology Fund Description Draft (.pdf, 82K)
Email Options - Read Receipts 11-2014 (.pdf, 72K)
Generic Account Info Feb 2014 (.pdf, 91K)
Acceptable Use Cell Phones & Cellular Mobile Devices (.pdf, 177K)
White Paper - Successful Enterprise Social Networking (.pdf, 1428K)
One Drive via Office 365 - Instructions (.pdf, 238K)
Decision Making at MHCC - Draft (.doc, 93K)
General Plan Scope Criteria Video Conf 4-17-15 (.pdf, 48K)
BYOD User Acknowledgement & Agreement Draft (.pdf, 88K)
Official College Web Sites and Domains Regulation - Draft (.pdf, 16K)
BYOD Employee Draft (.pdf, 175K)
BYOD Student Draft (.pdf, 126K)
1516 Upgrades - Workstations (.pdf, 83K)
Standards & Processes Technology Purchase Requests (.pdf, 138K)
MyMHCC Demo 1-15-16.pdf (.pdf, 86K)
College Technology Purchases and Requests 5-20-16 (.pdf, 228K)
Problem Management Process 5-20-16 (.pdf, 149K)
Summer Technology Changes-Updates 2016 5-23-16 (.pdf, 131K)
Summer Refresh Plans 2017 (.pdf, 129K)
College Technology Project List October 2017 (.pdf, 246K)
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Schedule for 2016-2017

The Technology Action Team meetings are held on the third Friday of each month in the Bridge from
2:00 to 3:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted.


Members 2017-18

Information Technology

Linda Vigesaa, CIO
Don Adams, Director, Infrastructure and Applications
Joe Stoehr, Client Services Manager, Co-Chair
Connie Rumer, Executive Assistant


Robin Born, Instructor – Business Technology and Office Administration
Pat Casey, Instructor - History
Carol Redwine, Instructor – Cosmetology
Dr. Mike Russell, Instructor – Chemistry, Co-Chair
David Wright, Instructor – Literature and Composition

Office of Instruction

Rod Barker, Dean of Business & Innovative Products
Cat Schleichert, Online Learning Manager

Student Success

Matthew Anderson, Library Technology Specialist
Bhaktirose Dawdy, Career and Academic Advising
Christi Hart, Manager - Financial Aid, Scholarships, Veteran Services
Lance Lannigan, Classified Member, Technology Learning Specialist
Jenny Ruelas, Bookkeeper/Office Assistant, Student Life
Jessica Ruiz, Academic Advisor & Student Outreach Coordinator

Student Representative

ASG Senator of Information Technology - Victor Ogelle