Faculty and administration support a dynamic Online Learning (OL) program that reaches into all instructional areas of MHCC. Online, hybrid, and enhanced forms of delivery support the instructional mission of the College and need collective commitment to quality.

The Online Learning Advisory Committee (OLAC) is charged with the following primary duties:

1)     Develop a strategic plan for the Online Learning program at

2)     Provide advice relating to the scope of practice of the Faculty
   Academy as it relates to operational issues and the strategic
   plan for the delivery of Online Learning.

3)     Review and make recommendations for the Online Learning
   program at MHCC.

2016 - 2017 Minutes

  1. ADA - Online course accessibility review
  2. Test proctoring pilot update
  3. Goodby to the DEV shell
  4. QM update
  5. Misc

Final set of minutes currently pending approval from Cat. 6/28/2017 vs

(.pdf, 390K)
  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Winter term start and finals
  3. Test proctoring pilot
  4. LMS direction
  5. ADA Online course accessibility review update
  6. Misc. discussions
(.pdf, 116K)
  1. Approve February 4, 2016 minutes
  2. Charter/Goals for FY 16/17
  3. LMS direction
  4. Quality Matters (QM)
(.pdf, 394K)

2015 - 2016 Minutes

  1. Introductions
  2. Changes in OL
  3. Review of past work
  4. Determine days/times to meet
  5. Proctoring Test software - options/discussion
  6. Quality Matters (QM)
(.pdf, 588K)
  1. Faculty academy
  2. Confirm DLAC/OLAC
  3. Approve minutes from 11/11/14
  4. OLAC proposal regarding LMS direction
  5. ADA
  6. Update on pending action items
(.docx, 26K)

2014 - 2015 Minutes

  1. LMS Direction/Rogue LMSs
  2. Saints email
  3. ADA compliance
(.docx, 23K)
  1. Goals/Workplan for FY 14-15
  2. Action items
(.docx, 76K)