While MHCC awaits further opening instructions from the governor’s office, all summer and fall 2020 courses have moved to a remote or online format.


Before selecting a course section, please review the “Faculty/Schedule” column. If there are days and times listed, you will need to log in to the class during those day(s) and times for live lectures. If there are no days listed and times are listed as zeros (00:00-00:00AM), you will not need to log on to specific live lecture times.


M = Monday

T = Tuesday

W = Wednesday

R = Thursday

F = Friday

S = Saturday

U = Sunday


If two or more days of the week are listed, such as MW or TR, then you will need to log on to the class both days at the time(s) listed.



For further updates, be sure to check your MHCC Saints email and review the COVID-19 Resources and Information for Students